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Affiliate Referral Network

The Hooked Property Solutions Affiliate Referral Network is a group of trusted partners we proudly call on to assist us in meeting the needs of our customers and running our day-to-day business operations. These powerful and proven allies come along side us to address the wide variety of concerns we encounter.

As we grow our program, we are committed to using exceptional vendors whose business standards line up with our core values. It is our hope that you too will benefit from our affiliates. Let us know how they do!

Trying to contact homeowners? Need the best number?

We’ve been using Best Skip Tracer since early 2022. The accuracy and hit rates are the best we’ve experienced. Their customer service is prompt, friendly and knowledgeable which directly aligns with the way Hooked Property Solutions likes to do business. If you are looking for the cheapest and most effective way to connect with homeowners who need help getting rid of a problem property, give Best Skip Tracer a try.
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Do you wish your website actually produced leads?

In 2019, Shawn and Roger joined forces to offer an unmatched service they call Top Results Consulting. This dynamic duo delivers an unfair advantage over the competition, with Shawn focused on the message your business wants to say, and Roger focused on ensuring that message shows up when your ideal client needs to see it. It’s the one two punch you need to leave your competition wondering how you’re capturing so much of the market. Top Results is our one stop shop for online marketing and website support.
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Need an attorney that knows Real Estate contracts and Law?

We’ve been using Brent Suttles and his team since moving to South Carolina in mid 2020. Anyone who’s ever bought a home knows the real estate closing process can be a complicated event. Brent and his team have come alongside us to tackle complications every step of the way. The Suttles Law Firm operates under a simple philosophy: providing clients with competent personal service through efficient communication, flexibility, and every SLF team member’s desire to help in any way we can. Simply put, doing business is easier with the Suttles Law Firm at our back.
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Ready to learn about Multi-Family Investments?

We recently attended this 3-day event and were blown away by Tim Bratz and his team. We now have the tools we need to find, fund, and cash flow properties. If you are ready to dive into the world of multi-Family real-estate investing, you need this course!

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Imagine a group of investors that are truly like family!

From day one of joining this Mastermind, we began reaping tangible benefits. Some of those benefits include three in person Summits per year, daily calls with Tim’s core team, Commercial Empire vault access, exhaustive training, and a unprecedented network of real estate investors. You too can reap these benefits by surrounding yourself with this positive family of people who know how to invest and are ready to encourage your success.
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Ready to find off market commercial properties?

Deal Flow provides nationwide access to all types of commercial real estate. With one click, you can find & filter through millions of nationwide commercial property leads. Equip yourself with access to unique investment opportunities and extensive property details, valuations, open loans and transaction history. Simply select and download the commercial property leads you are interested in pursuing, or start a marketing campaign from right inside the search tool. Top level access to Deal Flow is included with Legacy Family Mastermind.
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