Common Title Issues You Can Face as a Charleston SC Homeowner and Your Options

by Mar 20, 2022

Do you own a property in Charleston, South Carolina? If you do, better check if all the legal documentation is valid, because title issues are a common occurrence across property owners in Charleston, South Carolina. On the other hand, if you’re in the real estate marketing business, you should be knowledgeable with potential issues that can arise with property titles.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a real estate business owner, it’s crucial that you’re familiar with the legal processes involved in properties and title transfers. To help you become more well-versed in legal jargon and legal processes involving title transfers and deeds, we have listed down some common title issues you can face in Charleston, SC.

Common Title Issues in Charleston, SC

  • A break in the chain of title

A chain of title is the entire history of the transactions associated with the property. If there is a break or a gap in the chain of title where some transfers of ownership become unclear or untraceable, this could be a red flag. There shouldn’t be any unexplained gaps in the title, otherwise you could be held liable for ownership issues in the future.

  • Liens

Another source of property title disputes in Charleston, SC properties are liens. Liens are essentially a form of security interest because in the past, a debt has not been paid. Even if the property has been sold, the lien doesn’t just go away. It has to be paid right away before a clear transfer of title and ownership can occur.

  • Public record errors

Other, more simple errors in titles that can cause problems later on are public record errors. These errors are usually committed by clerks and assistants tasked with typing in the information. Properties in Charleston, SC are typically handled by state and local governments, so make sure to check with your local government units to review your public records for any human errors like misspelled owner names or misspelled addresses.

  • Forgeries

Another less common type of issue is forgery. You can’t do away with people trying to scam others in an otherwise honest transaction, so you get records of forgery. It’s actually commonplace to find property titles that have sections that have been forged, or completely fabricated altogether. This issue can obscure who the property actually belongs to, which can lead to huge problems with ownership later on.

  • Boundary issues

Before you buy or sell any property, make sure that it does not have boundary issues. The specific boundaries and dimensions of the property should match the one on its certificate. It’s no surprise that boundary line disputes can cause serious problems. One owner might claim that their property exceeds the bounds of your property and vice versa. Aside from boundary issues, you should also have to make sure your property does not have an easement that allows private entities or the government to use your property.

Now that you’re more aware of the common title issues you can face as a Charleston, SC homeowner, you no longer have to worry about your deed. Sell your property without any worries today to a professional home buyer.

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