Having Trouble Selling your Charleston SC Home? Here’s What You Can Do!

by Apr 22, 2022

Selling a home is hard work. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just can’t get any biters. So, what should your next course of action be? If you’re having trouble selling your home in South Carolina, you’re in luck! We’re here to give you tips on how you can successfully find a fair buyer for your home.

What is the average time to sell a house in South Carolina?

On average, a home stays on the market for approximately 83 days. It takes 48 days for sellers to get an offer followed by the typical 35-day closing period. If your home has been on the market for three months, then you may need to change your strategy.

How can I sell my house fast in Charleston, SC?

If you’ve staged your house well and renovated it to make it look good as new but it still isn’t selling, you might not be reaching the right audience. When it comes to selling a product (or even service), it’s not enough to make it look appealing – you need to make sure you’re reaching your desired market.

To do this, you need to make sure you’re advertising to the right people. It’s not enough to take a few photos on your phone, post on social media, then call it a day. For your home to really sell, you may even need to hire a professional real estate photographer. Unlike the average Joe, a photographer will know how to take photos of your home in the right light so they can highlight all of its best features.

After taking the photos, you need to advertise the home appropriately. Sure, posting on social media can help, but it may not be enough. You need to put it up on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to reach a wider audience.

While it can seem old school, putting up flyers can actually also draw in more eyes. Don’t forget to follow up on any leads you get!

Reach out with a friendly message or try giving them a call to initiate the first connection.

Sell to a professional home buyer

If you’re looking for quick ways to dispose of your Charleston, SC property, selling to a cash home buyer in Charleston, SC is a great option. When you choose to sell your property to a professional home buyer, you’re essentially welcoming profits without spending a single penny on renovations and repairs. Selling to a professional cash home buyer means you’re selling your home in as-is condition, so a buyer would probably not mind if your home has dated appliances or features. If you want a smooth, risk-free transaction with a sure buyer, then you should definitely consider selling your home to a professional home buyer.

If you’re thinking, “how do I sell my house fast in Charleston, SC,” look no further because here at Hooked Property Solutions, we’re always ready to help! We are professional home buyers and we buy houses in Charleston, SC no matter state or condition they’re in. If you’re selling, we’re buying!

Interested in Selling Your Charleston, SC Home?

Selling a home in Charleston, SC is not an easy task. It is a high-stakes, complex transaction that requires a considerable amount of time and expertise to enjoy a favorable outcome. If you’re having trouble selling your home, then come to us! We at Hooked Property Solutions are cash home buyers in Charleston, SC and we can give you the best price for your home without going through any stress during the process.

At Hooked Property Solutions, our team is highly motivated, knowledgeable, ethical, and resourceful. Qualified to handle any real estate transaction, our dedicated staff is committed to helping you with your real estate needs.

We will provide you with a fair cash offer for your house. And the decision to accept or decline our offer is completely up to you. The best part of our process is that it is absolutely FREE. You are in no way obligated to take our cash offer if it does not align with your expectations. Interested in selling your home or want to know more about the process? Call us today at (843) 900-1679.

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